Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 11: Persevere in Faith Even When It Is Hard


Romans 11: 17- 24 tells us that there is always hope for those who trust God no matter what you have done. Our job is to hold on tightly to him and persevere!

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 11: God Will Use The Worst Things To Make the Best Things


Romans 11: 11- 17 tell us to find incredible hope and joy at times when it looks like all is lost and gone.



Paul's transition

Do NOT be Hardened!


Israel was seeking God's kingdom on earth and they failed even though they were God's chosen people with God's chosen king, God's chosen laws and God's chosen land. Eventually they became so hardened that they rejected Jesus. This is a hard word, but vitally important for us! Be the remnant!

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 11: Hard Times Are the Best Times to Have Hope


As always the Bible is directly relevant to our time. Romans 11: 1-6 tells us the right perspective to have during times of hardship and opposition.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 10: REVIVAL! What it Looks Like, How to Get It!


Start by busting all bubbles and removing everything. Devote it all 100% to Jesus and let him become the first and only obsession of your heart and mind. Revival is coming. Make use of the freedoms we have now before they are gone! Based on Romans 10:14-21 and Ephesians 6.

01.17.2021 Sunday Sermon: Armor of God: Belt of Truth


Where is your hope?  Do you have false hope? Fasten on the belt of Truth.  Ephesians 6:14

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 10: Two Ways of Living (But Only One that Works)


Romans 10:5-13 describes two ways of doing life. There is the life on my own terms and life of faith. But all of us fall short of our own standards, so faith is the only true way to live!

Day of Prayer and Fasting for Major Revival


What is your heart's desire? Spend Thursday January 14th in prayer and fasting for a culture-shifting move of God to radically change everything about our world. We need it now more than ever.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 10: What Is God’s Righteousness?


Romans 10:1-4 says you can go against God simply by not knowing the right facts about him.

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