04.11.2021 Sunday Sermon: Ephesians 1 Blessings In Christ


Ephesians: What Does It Mean to Have The Eyes of Your Heart Opened?


Ephesians constantly reminds us who we are in Christ, and what his incredible blessings are, but we need to constantly be reminded or else we will lose focus.

Ephesians: Christ Answers All the Questions


In Ephesians 1 we learn how all the answers people search for are found in Christ and in him alone.

Ephesians: Find Out Who You Are And What Your Purpose Is


The little book of Ephesians is a great place to start to find out who you are, what God's promises are, and how to be built up in him.

Ephesians Mini Sermon Series: Stand Up! Ephesians Teaches Us How To Grow UP Together


Introduction to the epistle to Ephesus and how it relates to our modern times.

04.04.2021 Sunday Sermon: Easter Sunday


Sunday Service April 4, 2021

Holy Week: What Can We Learn About the Lady Who Anointed Jesus with Perfume


In Mark 14 something happened that Jesus said would be told everywhere the gospel is ever told.

Holy Week: Where Did Jesus’ Authority Come From?


In Mark 11 and 12 the priests ask a very important question and Jesus answers with another question. How you answer these questions will make all the difference in your life.

Holy Week: Why Did Jesus Curse a Fig Tree? What Does It Mean for Us?


Mark 11 tells a story of Jesus cursing a fig tree and clearing out the temple. What does it mean and what does it mean for us?

Holy Week: Why Did Jesus Get So Upset About the Temple and Kick Everyone Out?


Mark 11 shows us how to understand Jesus's actions in the temple during Holy Week.

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