Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 10: Two Ways of Living (But Only One that Works)


Romans 10:5-13 describes two ways of doing life. There is the life on my own terms and life of faith. But all of us fall short of our own standards, so faith is the only true way to live!

Day of Prayer and Fasting for Major Revival


What is your heart's desire? Spend Thursday January 14th in prayer and fasting for a culture-shifting move of God to radically change everything about our world. We need it now more than ever.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 10: What Is God’s Righteousness?


Romans 10:1-4 says you can go against God simply by not knowing the right facts about him.

01.10.2021 Sunday Sermon: Stand Up


Pastor Tyler Weidler

Christians Stand Up and glorify God

A Hard Word about How to Heal the Country the Way the Bible Says


Events in the news are causing more and more division, sadness, anger, depression and violence. Christians need to be different. This is a hard word, but the Bible hits it directly.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 9: Do You Live By Faith or By Obedience?


Romans 9:30-33 describes two completely different kinds of religion, and only one is right.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 9: Who Is Really a Christian?


Romans 9:24-29 raises the question of who exactly is a real Christian and who is not.

Just Say No to the “Free” Government Payout


When you accept the government payout, you are missing much greater opportunities. Say no! Give it away! Learn contentment! "Contentment and Godliness are great gain" (1 Timothy 6:6) Give it away quickly before you are tempted. If you didn't earn it, you have no right to keep it. Trust God and live by faith this year. Free money from the government will mess up the economy, dangerously. Do not let the government be an enabler for your spending! There are major risks to accepting free money. There are incredible opportunities to give toward important ministries.

Exciting Vision for 2021


God has given us powerful ideas for 2021! There is a lot to look forward to! It is time to stand, stand firm, stand up, stand strong, stand out!

How Do You Judge the Year 2020?


The perspective you have will determine how you handle everything else. What perspective do you have of the year 2020?

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