03.28.2021 Holy Week; Palm Sunday Sermon


Keeping Holy Week Holy!

Holy Week Preview: James, John and BarTimaeus


Jesus had encounters with his disciples James and John, as well as a blind man named BarTimaeus in Mark chapter 10. James and John did not get what they asked from Jesus but BarTimaeus did. BarTimaeus gave up his dignity and his cloak to get to Jesus while James and John attempted to get something from Jesus. For Holy Week, give up things that slow you down from following Jesus and look for others whom you can serve.

Holy Week Preview: The Cost of Following Jesus


In Mark 10 Jesus is just a few days from being killed on a cross. Everything he says and does relates to this upcoming event. The rich man who does not follow Jesus is too self-centered to accept Jesus as God.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 16: Closing Remarks in Romans


Who wrote Romans? What does it mean to be inspired by God? What does it mean to get your strength from God? How can God use you? Romans 16 answers these questions.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 16: How to Crush Satan


Close to the end of Romans 16 is the only mention of satan in the whole book, and it is part of a long promise of God that has run for centuries that he will someday crush satan. Our job is to be standing on God's truth!

03.21.2021 Sunday Sermon: Romans 16 Family


What you leave for Christ's sake, you will be rewarded.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 16: Close Friends in the Kingdom of God


In Romans 16 we can see the heart of love toward others that we all need.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 15: When God Answers Prayers Differently than we Expect


In Romans 15 the Bible exposes a prayer from Paul that God answered quite differently than expected.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 15: It Is About Others, Always. Keep Pressing Ahead


Romans 15, verses 22 through 29 shows an attitude that Paul carried everywhere he went.

Cindy’s panic attack Testimony


Cindy on March 7, 2021

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