Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 9: The Importance of Asking and Answering Questions About God


People have always had big, important questions about God. The Bible asks the same questions, usually word for word the way we would ask them. It also answers them. Romans 9:19-24 gets the to core of why God does what he does, why he is good even though he is a wrathful judge, and what it means for our lives.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 9: What to Do When God Sends a Plague?


Romans 9:14-18 discusses God's purpose in showing mercy and judgement.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 9: Are You Living by Faith or by Flesh


Romans 9:6-13 says God's people have to live by faith, not simply by how we are raised, or the wisdom of this age. Many people are born into favor with God, but all must choose to remain there. Likewise many are born in bad circumstances, but can choose to turn to God.

12.27.2020 Sunday Sermon: How much love do you have?


Romans Series

Romans 9:1-3

Pastor Tyler Weidler

12.24.2020 Christmas Eve


Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 9: How Much do you Love Others?


Romans 9 begins with a powerful statement of love for the lost, perhaps the greatest and hardest challenge in scripture.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 8 - When Success Is So Powerful it Becomes Scary


Concluding Romans chapter 8 wakes up a powerful challenge for believers. Our God is so good his goodness demands all we have, to the point of leaving all other things behind.

12.20.2020 Sunday Sermon: Trust God in Big Things


Romans 8:31-39

Romans Mini Sermon Series: What Can Separate You From God’s Love


There is only one thing that can separate you from God's love.

Romans Mini Sermon Series: Romans 8:31-33 If God is for you, who cares who is against you?


Romans 8:31-33 raise powerful questions. Many are against Christ and his people, but if God is for us, who cares who is against? Ask big prayers, step up and do big things by faith.

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