Jesus‘ Mysterious Plan for Passover and the Man With a Water Jug


The setup for Passover in Mark 14 is a fascinating insight into what was going on in Jesus' mind, with Judas, John, Peter and the rest of the disciples.

Wise Living and the Value of Money


What is the story of the woman and the perfume about?

Why Did the Priests and Scribes Want to Kill Jesus?


Do not harden your heart, or you will want to kill him too.

Sunday Service: 10.24.2021 Stay Alert, Mark Series


Pastor Tyler Weidler

Sunday Service October 24, 2021

Mark Sermon Series

Beware of the Scribes!


Some religious leaders love getting special treatment and respect, and Jesus says to beware of them! He is the only one who deserves a true title of honor!

Mark 12: A Scribe Asks a Good Question


After a series of hypocritical and dumb questions, a scribe asked Jesus a good question.

Overcome Evil With Good Part 7: Build a New One


To overcome evil with good you may need to get out altogether and start over. Stop trying to fix a sinking ship, and build a better one instead! Get out of government schools, and get out of businesses that threaten jobs of innocent people.

God of the Living - Mark 12


In Mark 12 the Sadducees asked Jesus a dumb question, and he gave them a good answer!

Sunday Sermon 10-17-2021 Come out of Babylon


Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God What Belongs To God!

Overcome Evil With Good Part 6: Is It Ok To File A Lawsuit?


Should Christians use the legal system to protect the innocent?

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